Will take care of my own first

Yesterday I was grouchy the whole day, and I was tired. I fell asleep after 6pm to almost 10pm. I examined of what I was thinking, and it’s then I realized that I wasn’t running my own mind. I let all the negativity ruled me, and that’s why I was so negative. With just one thing that I didn’t like, I freaked about it. Plus thinking of all the problems I had back in my parents’ place and mixed with the problems of my relatives, I felt like I carried the world on my back. I already have my own problems, and it loaded me out. I think of the problems of my relatives, and I was so drained. Now, I am back with my own self, and I will erase all the things that I am thinking about them and focus on what I need to do with my own life together with my own family. Oh dear God!