Tired but need to go on working

I can remember that I need help with having a lower interest rate with my CC. So, the thing that I did was to visit a credit union bank and ask if they can help me have a balance transfer because I was so burdened with the credits that I had for several years. Good thing the bank officer helped me out. I thought I can pay it in a year, but whenever I earn something from my writing, I have to use it and help people out. Oh dear, it’s a cycle. When can I get out from this financial mess that I have that accumulate even more? I am so tired of this debts already. Really tired of it but anyways even if I have this thing, this will not prevent me from sharing gifts these holidays. I do believe God is with me on my life’s journey. I am just a worker, and I am dependent on God coz He is the source of all things in life.