Greatest reward

Climbing is fun. Mostly, when there are some obstacles and hardships on the way that will be a joy when reaching at the peak. Life is also like that I guess. There are so many hardships in life but if everything will be surpassed, I am sure the greatest reward is success, triumph and happiness!

In hoping and believing that there is something good in the blogosphere

I’ve been teaching my friends and few of my relatives about blogging. But there are some who will not believe. Others will just say yes but there are some alibis in not pursuing what they’ve started. So sad! There are lots of hopes in blogging and in the blogosphere. It will just take a matter of believing and with the courage to do those positive things in order to be successful with online freelance work. And of course, with prayers that somehow, there are some good offers from those consistent kind hearted companies.

Doing my best

Every day, I can say that there are lots of things that I miss and there are so many things that I want to do but I am not capable of accomplishing it. Despite of that, I know that I did my best in order for me to do the things that I need to make so that I can rest and relax peacefully during the night with the hope that tomorrow will be a brand new day for me.

Failures in love isn’t really failures

Before I found the man that God prepared for me, I had lots of failures in love. I shed lots of tears with each failure. During that time, I thought I am a loser but then, I am not because I learned something. Giving love and showing love is better than doing the other way around. For me, the answer to love failures is to let go of it, be healed, and go on with life.

Allergies and prayers

Early yesterday morning, I had some pollen allergies and so I drink the last drop of Benadryl. This antihistamine is the one that my kids drink. So, I said I will buy some anytime but then I wasn’t able to do it earlier as I had lots of things to do. Almost 12am last night, my son who is allergy of milk, eggs, peanuts and fish, said that his eyes were itchy. I said that I will visit walgreens nearby. When I was there, I was wondering why the entrance door was closed. When I entered the open door, the woman said that they will close in five minutes. I answered her that it’s fine. Thanks God, I was just in time in buying the allergy meds for my kid. Another thing was that I’ve known that, that walgreens here near my place isn’t 24hours anymore.

When I got home, I immediately gave the medicine to my son. I also let him wash his face and let him change his clothes. Then, I change his bed sheets, pillow case and blanket. I also asked him not to put too much toys on his bed.

Right now, he’s sleeping sound. I am praying that he is healed with his food allergies. I do believe God heals through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. I also believe that Angels and saints are always praying for the good of my kids and my family.

Thank you Father God for the healing of my son’s food allergies! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!