Feel it now

“You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begin to feel prosperous. You can begin to feel the love that’s surrounding you, even if it’s not there and what will happen is the universe will correspond to the nature of your song.” – Michael Beckwith – The Secret

I like Michael Beckwith and I like The Secret Movie. In fact, I bought to DVDs of it from amazon and I enjoyed it (I used the other DVD and I gave away the other one). The secret is the 2nd Law of Attraction thing that I used in order for me to learn more of what’s good in life.

Putting my trust on the God that I’ve known

“Those who will put their trust in God will never be disappointed.”

Yes this is what I was doing when I was younger. I was disappointed with my own choices and decisions. After what I’ve been through, I’ve learned to trust in God. When I did, it made my dreams come true. When time comes that I was having it all, I went back to my old self of doing things on my own and I had lots of problems that until now I am still facing. I was hit on my head with doing things on my own. That’s why right now, I am putting it back to God and I hope that I will never be back to being on my own again coz it is so lonely and chaotic living without Him.

Thank you Father God for everything

Thank you so much Father God for all the blessings in life. I am so grateful for everything that you have shared with me for the past days, months, and year. And Father God, please pardon me for the times that I was depressed in life. Pardon me for the time that all I can see was problems and I tend to complain a lot. I am so sorry for it. Now that I am feeling positive, I will say thank you for the life and for all the blessings in life especially the blessings of my own family, my parents and siblings and my good friends. Thank you for the gift of work, good employers, good advertisers, and the gift of money/wealth. Most of all, thank you for your consistent love since my birth more than 41 years ago. Thank you so very much. I am so so so grateful for everything.

Financial help – Thanks God for helping me out

I am so grouchy every time I think about my financial situation and it affected my kids. I hope that I can pay off everything that I need to pay as soon as possible. Having these debts is a big thank you because I’ve been asking for it before, like to experience this thing. But then, I am so tired of it already and now I want to pay this off and I don’t want to have a credit on my own ever again. Yes, I do help my families a lot with these debts that I have for several years now but then I am the only one who’s paying for it. No family members are helping me in paying this off. My work is freelance and I don’t have anybody who is helping me paying my payables. The one that’s helping me paying this off is God who is giving me all the blessings that I can have. And I am thankful to people whom God asked that if possible they can give me work and so that I can pay my payables. I thank these people who are consistent if giving me some blessings. They are huge blessings in my life. I hope and I am doing my best to pay off my credits so that I can fully help my own family here and my family back home in cash when I have enough savings. I only give what I have and I cannot give them my debts and so God will help me in paying this off so that I can be an instrument in helping my families coz right now, my help to them is not full enough. In God I trust that everything is okay in my financial life.


I know there will be more blessings for me and for my family. With that, I am thankful as early as now for all of the abundance, good health and happiness. As well as, I am thankful for the past blessings that I received in life. I believe that God is the source and he is providing every day. There will be a big blessings for me and for my family in God’s time.