Reminding me of my first mario game

With the new v-tech toy of my kids, it reminded me of the first computer game that I played when I was a teenager. And this is the Alphabet park adventure because it is similar to Super Mario. I just love the character jumping and trying to get high score.

Laughing at this song coz of one person

Whenever I hear the song “In your eyes” I can’t help it but laugh deep in my heart! I can remember that one of my co-officers in Citizen Army Training 1 when I was in high school sang this song for me! GRRR! And I didn’t like it since I was kind of masculine looking than him! Har-har-har! And don’t think that I was a lesby! I was just a boyish type!

White or red?

What will you prefer, a rose with white color or a rose with red color? As for me, I’ve love the two but if I need to pick one, I will choose the white over the red. I just love white rose(s). And in my dream church wedding, I want to only have white roses for church decorations and for the receptions. Even in my dream funeral, what I want is that people will bring and will leave one white rose for me. I will be happy for it. YOWWW!

Love my driving

Now that I am a bit comfy with driving around, it is almost every day that my babies and I are out just anywhere in town.  I love driving and I love visiting new places.  I know that my kids enjoy the rides and they enjoy seeing beautiful sceneries as well!  It’s fun to have family adventures!

React in a positive manner

With what is happening to our lives, I am sure, there are times wherein we are blaming on others with some particular unpleasant events. Most of these moments, we tend to forget that it depend on us on how we reacted in such situation. If the situation was intolerable I guess we Read the rest of this entry »