Wireless Camera

I love photography a lot. I can remember that one of my projects when I was younger was a camera. I said to myself that when I would have a job, I would definitely buy my first ever camera. True enough, I did but that was a film camera since that was cheaper that time. To these days, what I do love is this Wireless Trail Camera. I just do love to have this one and use it wherever I’ll go. Though, the main purpose of this camera is for those photographers who can put this in a remote site and mounted on certain place so that they can easily capture photos remotely (of course). This can also be used in areas wherein there’s restriction or just any other use.

How come she did not tell me about it?

My life is always (very) open to the people whom I trust and whom I called “closed or best friends”. I just love to share just anything, like my life’s pasts (good or bad) as well as the present. I would also share with these people the books that I’ve read for the better life, tips that I’ve bumped online for them to also learn (just like me). But recently, I’ve come to realize that I am just doing it one way, like I am the one who is giving so much information but the one that I am talking to is not doing it to me. I mean, come on, I need some good information too especially when it comes to handling finances. Imagine I kept on talking and talking about books but here comes a friend who was having these finance books and even attended a seminar several years ago, but then did not tell me about it. Where is the justice on the friendship? I told her, “Why you did not tell me that you have this book and you know this particular author on finances?” Guess what she answered, “It is because you did not tell me that you need one and that you did not tell me you need one.” She then said, “I’ll just find my copy and I will give it to you.” So, I told her, “Never mind. I already bought three books from this author in which I need to find enough time to read.”

I told myself, I shared a lot but there are people who are not sharing their knowledge with me. So, I think it would be the time for me to SHUT my mouth for a change and be mysterious again. If they want it like that and if they would not share their knowledge, why would I share mine? That would not be fair (in my part).


Before, I am not concerned about what amplifier can do. I mean, I would just connect my parents’ cassette player to the amplifier that my papa custom made it. Now, that I have my own family and my kids love music, I so want to buy this line 6 amplifier so that my kids can easily enjoy good music. I just want to give them just anything that could make their life nicer than what I had before. I want to make them happy and I want to give them the convenience in life.

Grateful and hopefull

Last year, I sent around $300 alone for November allowance for my parents.  They said that they would buy rice cooker with that money.  The rest they have to spend it on medicines, foods and other things.  When I called them up and asked them if they bought their rice cooker, my mama said they were not able to buy one as they already used it in some other things.  Ayssss well, it’s up to them.  I hope I can send more this year right after paying everything that I need to pay.  With God’s grace, I know everything is fine and I still can share to them.  And I am grateful for all the blessings in life

The wonder of music

Oh, I do love this epiphone explorer. This is just one amazing thing to own. If given the chance the color that I would love to have is brown, though, I also love worn black. Anyway, I cannot wait to learn in playing guitar as this is what I love to do ever since I was a kid. By and by, I know I would learn to strum this musical instrument. I just love playing music anytime especially when I feel bored or depress. Music would always help me to be happy and get back to my positive side.