Walle or Leapfrog movie?

It is early in the morning and my babies are asking for WALLE. I asked them that they’d better watch woga woga woga Ahhh! Meaning their Leapfrog ABC DVD but they shouted NO. Whew! Choosy! But I need to give them their meals first and I will just play WALLE game on their own TV during their breakfast!

Choosings things to read

Right now, I’m back with choosing those things that I’m going to read. I’ll just choose those happy stories. Why? This is because when I dig on those sad stories, it will create hatred within my heart and will affect with my way of writing. I can’t write correctly every time I have hatred in my heart and if I am angry on something. So, with this, I’ll just be reading again those happy news/stories same as what I did before.

Thanks for d beautiful theme

Supposedly I will change my blog theme in here but then, I’ve decided to just buy a new domain for that beautiful theme made by my great designer friend. And I am so in love with my new blog with its beautiful theme. I am so grateful for HERZ for doing a great job in making that thing!

It’s better to have silence

I’m having a hard time selecting channel for the choosy kids. Every time I will stop with one show, they will shout NO. I also tried to show them DVDs from their collections but they said NO. So, the answer to that is NO SHOW. Right now, the house is silent since there is no electronic on.

Typical kids

They are not really tired of playing their Handy Manny game cartridges on their V-tech smile game console. Though, sometimes, they will just leave it on and when it will be off by itself, they will then will shout “HEY COME BACK”. And they will immediately switch it on so that they can see the tools on their own TV. Sigh! Kids!