Kids need the precious time of parents

When I visited FB, I happened to read this quote in which I’ve already known before but it slept my mind. This saying is “your children need your presence rather than your presents”. This is always true that children appreciate more of the parents’ presence rather than receiving expensive gifts. Wish I do have more time for my kids.

Now I know

There it goes! I found the reason why my comments are closed. Actually, my dear friend told me that the comments were close. I tried to mix and match the codes but it’s still not working. And it came to a point wherein I was so tired of thinking what to do. Eventually, I gave up earlier. And guess what! It’s so funny that I enabled “automatically closed comments on the articles older than 30 days” in the discussion setting! And my last post was last year! GRRR! Now, my comment problem thingy is fixed. Yippy!

Good shows for kids and adults

The only thing that babies and I will do every day is to watch movies from morning until bed time. That’s the only thing that will give us happiness. But we usually watch those educational cartoon movies so that baby will learn and somehow I will learn from it too. Kiddy cartoon shows are not bad. It’s not only good for babies and kids but it is also good for adults!

Traveling back home

I appreciate those who are living abroad and every once in a while they will have the chance to visit their country. They are just so blessed with them having a travel together with their family. How I wish everybody can have a life like that! But, I understand that everybody and every life are different. I know others will have their time to travel back home in the right time!

Chatting with my bro n sis

For several days now, I had fun chatting with my siblings. And I am glad that they like the internet connection that I gave them. I am hoping that I can still support them in the coming months. Even if a little amount that I will give them, I am sure, they will be happy for it!