Yamaha brand

What brand of guitar and music instrument you like? Do you love Yamaha? If you love this brand, I cannot blame you with that. Yamaha is one of the best brands of musical instrument in the market. Whatever you choose, whether you want Yamaha guitar at yamaha guitar center, piano, drums and any other music instrument, surely, it is worth the money. Me, I have Yamaha keyword and I had this for about five years now. It still serve me best until these days.

Remo silent stroke drum head

Choosing a good brand of drum head is important especially when you are into professional music playing. There are many brands to choose, but do you like this Remo silent stroke? If you have not tried this one yet, it says that this has durable single-ply mesh material which is ideal for low volume practice applications with authentic feel and response. And this has a good manufacturer’s warranty. Do you like to check this out?

It was busy at the nearby music store

I am wondering why there were so many parked vehicles at the music equipment store near me. When I decided to go there and visit, I’ve discovered that they were having huge sales. So, people tried to check for the cool music instruments as almost all things were on sale. It was my first time visiting that place but all I can say is they were fun. People were crazy with the entire price marked down. I had a great time!

It’s my birthday but I am the one giving gifts to my parents

It is my birthday this month and I do not want to buy something for myself. Instead, I want to give something to my parents especially my mother. This is like a token of appreciation and saying thanks to her for taking care of me for 9 months and for giving birth to me. I know how it feels that it is not easy to be a mother coz I am a mother myself right now. It may not be millions of dollars but I am happy to give it to her. She said she wants to have a doctor’s checkup for her back because she’s having a hard time walking after she dropped herself. Another thing is that she has a mild stroke and I am so sorry for her for not be able to give more. My work is a full time mother/wife who is homeschooling my 2 kids and so I cannot find a regular job as my priority is my own family. So, whatever is my income online out of my online writing, doing search engine optimization, and other glen jobs online, I will share to my family back in Asia. And I am thankful to God for all these blessings because I am able to share it with my parents as well as I can also have something for myself here and my own family.

Remo Djembe

Oh my, I fell in love with this remo djembe. I love the color combination of black and green with the unique prints. I love to play percussion and I love this djembe. It says that this has a ‘great projection and resonance.’ Djembes originates from West Africa and since that time it is one of the most popular music instruments around the world. Do you love to play djembe?