Traveling back home

I appreciate those who are living abroad and every once in a while they will have the chance to visit their country. They are just so blessed with them having a travel together with their family. How I wish everybody can have a life like that! But, I understand that everybody and every life are different. I know others will have their time to travel back home in the right time!

Chatting with my bro n sis

For several days now, I had fun chatting with my siblings. And I am glad that they like the internet connection that I gave them. I am hoping that I can still support them in the coming months. Even if a little amount that I will give them, I am sure, they will be happy for it!

I need some motivation

I need some motivation in doing my online work. I felt like quitting or something. I know quitting is not the answer. All I need is a little motivation so that I can get back on the right track of doing the things that I need to do. It’s been several days already that I am not into doing my articles. I just want to sit down and spend my time with my family. I thought for a while that this is because I have lots of things that I need, Read the rest of this entry »

Walle or Leapfrog movie?

It is early in the morning and my babies are asking for WALLE. I asked them that they’d better watch woga woga woga Ahhh! Meaning their Leapfrog ABC DVD but they shouted NO. Whew! Choosy! But I need to give them their meals first and I will just play WALLE game on their own TV during their breakfast!

Choosings things to read

Right now, I’m back with choosing those things that I’m going to read. I’ll just choose those happy stories. Why? This is because when I dig on those sad stories, it will create hatred within my heart and will affect with my way of writing. I can’t write correctly every time I have hatred in my heart and if I am angry on something. So, with this, I’ll just be reading again those happy news/stories same as what I did before.