Guitar glass slide

Using a glass slide when playing a guitar is cool. Are you using glass slide whenever you are playing with your guitar? How does it sound compared to not using one? By the way, do you know the first musician who used this technique? Okay it says in Wikipedia that ‘the one who recorded to use two solo pieces is Sylvester Weaver in 1923′. How cool was that? Anyway, what brand and style of guitar are you using every time you will use glass slide?

Karma will take care of itself

I was wondering what the drama of the people were coz when I asked them something they said it didn’t belong to them. First, I asked the head and then she said no it belong to other section. When I’ve got to the other section they said no it belong to the other section. I asked can we scan it but he said there’s no tag. So, what I did, I just folded it and stuff it to the section on where they said it belonged. It was confusing or were they testing me. Well, karma is a bitch and each one will get what they’ve done. I was just working hard with the things that I was assigned. Who cares what they’re doing? Karma will take good care of itself!

Bass brushes at small flower

Do you love Italy products, like classic brushes? If you do, try to check out bass brushes at smallflower. It is pretty amazing to see items which looks like classic made and it’s from Italy. For me, I do love Italy products. I just love that country and everything about it. I am going crazy with their products and even in visiting in that country in the near future. How about you?

Salsa dance lessons in LA

My friend is a full time stay at home mother/wife and his husband is an engineer. She doesn’t need to work and so she’s just going into the gym doing some exercises. If I remember it right, she’s doing insanity and body pump. Apart from that, she’s also into dance lessons similar to this salsa dance lessons in los angeles. Before she said that she only has left foot which means she didn’t know how to dance. But right after enrolling herself, she can says that “everything can be learnt”. I answered her, “if there’s a will, there’s always a way”. My friend is so fit and healthy right now with all of the things that she’s doing for herself. Dancing is always a good form of exercise and it’s fun!


Sometimes it is good to buy things that will satisfy your hobbies, right? In this way, you are nurturing the inner child of you. Like when you love music and you want to buy new accessories for your guitars or whatever it is, you should go buy one. If you want to buy rc10t choose the one that is affordable for you. It says that this rc10t is known for its touch, superior tone and its fast tuning. It also says that this is a long lasting RC strings. Have you tested this yourself?