Who are they to gossip like that?

I’ve encountered some people who are thinking that I was cheating. What? As I was standing near the computer for me to sign off from my work, there was one of the heads who’s talking to me. She asked me, “How are you?” Of course, my reply was, “I am fine ma’am. We missed you there!” She asked me again, “So, how are you doing with the job?” My answer was, “I am fine. I am adjusting and loving it!” Then, she asked me, Read the rest of this entry »

Want to shop right now

I feel that I love to shop now. Yes you read it right! I love to shop at my favorite music store for some noise cancelling headphones for my work and also for a new guitar and musical keyboard. Aside from needing something for my work, I also need other things to add for my collections. I do have quite a lot already but I want to add more. I just love to switch musical instrument from time to time. Whenever I am at home, I would love to stay at my music room and enjoy my coolest play. I love music a lot and I know music loves me in return. Do you love music too?

So grateful

Despite of everything that I’ve been through last year, I still feel so blessed in life. Though, most of the time I may sound grouchy but then deep within I am thankful that I for all the wonderful people that I have in my life.  Am also grateful for all the material things that I have!  Thank you God!

When buying something

Every time I will shop, I would surely first check for the Check it out here counter so that it would be easy for me to pay for the goods that I want to purchase. Whatever I’ll be buying, like electronics, musical instruments, clothes, etc. that I will be doing always. I am sure you are doing it too. Have you? What’s the shop that you just visited in person or online? What things you bought in there? Were those things for yourself or gifts for someone?

Prosperity – what you think about it?

When it comes to prosperity, there are so lots of things to do in order to attract it. Of course, first, the belief of a person towards the God that she believes in with whatever religious affiliation she may be. Then, some affirmations as the words a person speaks and thinks will somehow manifest in her life. Another thing is that the use of the candles, crystals, meditation, exercise, and more. Thinking all of it, I think, it’s the mind that is creating the wealth of a person and her beliefs. So, how about you? What are your beliefs when it comes to prosperity?