I love this AKG Headphone

Any of these guitarcenter.com’s akg headphones is what I want on my birthday. I just love this AKG brand. This will be a great addition to my small music studio. I can modulate my voice whenever I will sing if I will wear this. I’m looking forward to receiving this headphone on July. I’ll just let my husband know that this is what I want so that he can buy it for me. This will be the best thing that I will do in order for me to have this one. Hmm!

In giving a lending hand w/a kind heart

For all these years, it’s just now that I find the reason of why God gave me two hands. This is not because of the comfort in doing things properly but this is for the reason that I can have one helping hand for myself and one helping hand for others. But I am also thinking that two hands are useless when the owner is having a greedy heart and will not lend a hand for others. So would it mean that kind heart and hands will go together?

Greatest reward

Climbing is fun. Mostly, when there are some obstacles and hardships on the way that will be a joy when reaching at the peak. Life is also like that I guess. There are so many hardships in life but if everything will be surpassed, I am sure the greatest reward is success, triumph and happiness!

In hoping and believing that there is something good in the blogosphere

I’ve been teaching my friends and few of my relatives about blogging. But there are some who will not believe. Others will just say yes but there are some alibis in not pursuing what they’ve started. So sad! There are lots of hopes in blogging and in the blogosphere. It will just take a matter of believing and with the courage to do those positive things in order to be successful with online freelance work. And of course, with prayers that somehow, there are some good offers from those consistent kind hearted companies.

Doing my best

Every day, I can say that there are lots of things that I miss and there are so many things that I want to do but I am not capable of accomplishing it. Despite of that, I know that I did my best in order for me to do the things that I need to make so that I can rest and relax peacefully during the night with the hope that tomorrow will be a brand new day for me.