Allergies and prayers

Early yesterday morning, I had some pollen allergies and so I drink the last drop of Benadryl. This antihistamine is the one that my kids drink. So, I said I will buy some anytime but then I wasn’t able to do it earlier as I had lots of things to do. Almost 12am last night, my son who is allergy of milk, eggs, peanuts and fish, said that his eyes were itchy. I said that I will visit walgreens nearby. When I was there, I was wondering why the entrance door was closed. When I entered the open door, the woman said that they will close in five minutes. I answered her that it’s fine. Thanks God, I was just in time in buying the allergy meds for my kid. Another thing was that I’ve known that, that walgreens here near my place isn’t 24hours anymore.

When I got home, I immediately gave the medicine to my son. I also let him wash his face and let him change his clothes. Then, I change his bed sheets, pillow case and blanket. I also asked him not to put too much toys on his bed.

Right now, he’s sleeping sound. I am praying that he is healed with his food allergies. I do believe God heals through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. I also believe that Angels and saints are always praying for the good of my kids and my family.

Thank you Father God for the healing of my son’s food allergies! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Auralex quadratec

I just love the Auralex quadratec that I’ve seen when I visited the music studio here in my place. It’s sturdy which is made of quality bamboo and it is lightweight. It can definitely make an entertainment room’s sound system great. I want to buy it this year so that I can add beautiful sound in my music studio. I can’t wait to have it then.

Weird Wi-Fi connection

There is a Wi-Fi in that is so close in the connection within the vicinity of our house. We tried to find it, but we can’t find it. We have close neighbor it’s like around 20 steps away but her range is around 3-4 signals. But this one, it seemed it is within our house or attached in our house. It’s just weird.

Life is 10% and 90%

Would you believe the sayings from John Maxwell which states that “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it”? For me, this is always true in my life since I can’t control those things which were and are beyond my rule. The only thing that I can do is to act in response to those things that may come my way. I’m just hoping that I could react to any things in a positive manner. Not like those younger days in which I was so aggressive with solving family chaos mostly retort those people who always dragged my family down.


Right now, I’m putting my laptop on my lap. Since I don’t have a Lap desk for that’s quite expensive, I’m just using the piece of plywood so as to support my laptop. Besides, I do seldom work with putting my computer on my lap. Anyway, using this piece of wood is sort of saving something since I don’t really need a lap desk! Hmmm!