Life is 10% and 90%

Would you believe the sayings from John Maxwell which states that “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it”? For me, this is always true in my life since I can’t control those things which were and are beyond my rule. The only thing that I can do is to act in response to those things that may come my way. I’m just hoping that I could react to any things in a positive manner. Not like those younger days in which I was so aggressive with solving family chaos mostly retort those people who always dragged my family down.


Right now, I’m putting my laptop on my lap. Since I don’t have a Lap desk for that’s quite expensive, I’m just using the piece of plywood so as to support my laptop. Besides, I do seldom work with putting my computer on my lap. Anyway, using this piece of wood is sort of saving something since I don’t really need a lap desk! Hmmm!

Love is all that matters

Just because of love, everything will just go our way! In whatever things we do, as long as we love, everything will be handy. But without love, obstacles are hard to tackle. Also, there are lots of complaints that will come our way! Aside from love, we should be committed to whatever things that we are doing and we will be doing! Have a nice day everyone!

I love GT car

When we bought our take out breakfast meal this morning, my attention was on the red car with the GT sign at the back. I asked husband the meaning of GT but he didn’t recognize what I was saying. When we were waiting for our chance to place our take out order, it’s then I saw that GT was a Ford Mustang top down car. Whew! It’s really a cool car!

Nature makes me happy

Every time she’s sad, she will just look at the beauty of the nature. All the trees, the grasses, the birds and everything around her can make her get back in life again. And also, looking up the sky can somehow make her appreciate more the creations of the Almighty! These things make her happy again!