When buying something

Every time I will shop, I would surely first check for the Check it out here counter so that it would be easy for me to pay for the goods that I want to purchase. Whatever I’ll be buying, like electronics, musical instruments, clothes, etc. that I will be doing always. I am sure you are doing it too. Have you? What’s the shop that you just visited in person or online? What things you bought in there? Were those things for yourself or gifts for someone?

Prosperity – what you think about it?

When it comes to prosperity, there are so lots of things to do in order to attract it. Of course, first, the belief of a person towards the God that she believes in with whatever religious affiliation she may be. Then, some affirmations as the words a person speaks and thinks will somehow manifest in her life. Another thing is that the use of the candles, crystals, meditation, exercise, and more. Thinking all of it, I think, it’s the mind that is creating the wealth of a person and her beliefs. So, how about you? What are your beliefs when it comes to prosperity?

For your air conditioning and heating system

Are you looking for hvac in durham nc at comfort services 1? If yes, then try to check on this. You know that it is always good to prepare your home and or your office’s air conditioning unit or heating system before you need it. During the summer, I think there are many options for air conditioning. But when it is winter, you must have the best heating system possible to keep you and everyone warm and comfy. What is your decision now?


Yes, don’t run after them

“God sometimes removes people from your life to protect you. Don’t run after them.” This is true! Though everything happens for a reason but God always has perfect plans in the life of everyone else. I experience this myself when I was younger and God helped me heal myself from those broken relationship from friends who hurt me. The healing was longer for I refuse to forgive them but when I let go of them all and of what they did to me; I experience relief from the thorn that I was carrying for a long time. Instead of me hurting and revengeful, I said sorry for the negative emotions that I had and I thank God for letting me experience it and I thank Him for healing me. Right now, I am free of those hurts and negative things towards those people and experiences I had with them. I let them go and I let God heal me with his Love.

Wanna have a quick weight loss

When I was pregnant with my youngest baby, I was around 170lbs. I was so huge with my 5’2” height. After I gave birth I trimmed down to 140lbs. After that, I told myself that I need to trim down to at least 120lbs while breastfeeding my baby. After breast, I said that I will trim down my weight until I would reach 75lbs (feeling aspiring model – nyahaha). Anyway, it’s just a joke when I’ll say 75lbs. The truth is that I want to have a quick weight loss of at least 100-90lbs. As of the present I am at my 120lbs from my supposedly 115lbs. I guess I’ll have to make this as my career this year! Yayyy!