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Hope to serve HIM with my daily work

I was a bit busy in life for the past weeks and days. That’s the reason why I didn’t have enough updates in my blog. But I am back right now. And hopefully it is for good that I can update my sites no matter how busy I will be. Also, I hope I don’t procrastinate as it will be homeschooling this August 14th. To God be the glory that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I hope with my work as a mother/wife/homeschooler and an online writer, I can serve Him best!

Learn the rules of the game

You have to learn the rules of the game
and then you have to play
better than anyone else. – Albert Einstein

An Outdoors Activity Program: How to Get Fit for Fun This Summer

Are you getting into those “lazy hazy days of summer” when you start wishing for the hours when the kids were away at school and the house was quiet, instead of hearing them all day playing in the yard or the street?  Do you feel the sense of exasperation from having to watch the third or fourth rerun?  I started feeling that way before the temperature reached 90 degrees.  But I found a way to escape summer’s doldrums by starting an outdoor activity program.

Many people think of outdoor activity as “roughing it” like hiking and camping, or exercise like jogging or climbing.  You put on an outdoor shirt, boots or sandals from Merrell and go off into the natural world.  These are good ways to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors.  But they are not the only ones.  Your regular summer outdoor program can consist of taking regular extended walks right in the center of the city.  Put on some good outdoor hiking shoes you get from Merrell with a Groupon coupon or promo code for 50% off and go for a walk on the nearest road.  Make it a group activity by bringing young ones along to see and learn about trees and landscapes.  Go on history walks to learn about your local community.  Take routes that let them (and you) see what makes up your neighborhood.  These are great things to share with kids who’d otherwise be playing computer games.  And there is no doubt that walking different routes can be more interesting than watching summer reruns!

Try this as a good way to begin this new outdoor regimen.  The next time you go to the grocery store or supermarket, walk there instead of driving.  Bring your young ones along, and have them walk with you, and talk about the sights you see while on the way.  It might seem different but this can soon become a regular custom. And it can quickly become an element of your daily lifestyle. Use a Groupon to get Merrell shoes and accessories for other family members to encourage them to join your walks.  Take advantage of the chance to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

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A 5 year old who needs a headphone

A conversation between me and my 5 year old daughter
D: Mama I need a headphone.
M: Why?
D: Because I want to make a video duh!
M: You want a headphone for making video? And you are 5 year old?
D: Yes, I need a headphone because I need to make a roblox video. I have 16 videos already. I want to make more!
M: Huh? I don’t have headphone! When I was five, I only knew ropes and taking care of cows and goats. I didn’t know about headphone. My family didn’t even have electricity that time. And I only knew how to climb trees and bond with nature.

OMG, the world is so high tech already.

Single or double seat stroller

I think I need to buy this uppababy vista stroller for my new born baby girl. She is still small and she deserves new things for her comfort and safety. Though, I am hoping that there will be a double seat stroller as I need to have a double or twin one so that my eldest kid can also ride safely with my new born. I love my kids so much and I want to give them things that will make them safe and will comfort them whenever we will be strolling around the neighborhood, in the mall, and or at the park.

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