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Thankful for fast recovery

From Monday January 13th until January 17th was kind of ordeal for the health. Thank goodness everything went well. I am so thankful to God for healing my kids and I, especially my 2 year old baby girl. God is good all the time that despite of what was going on, she’s recovering fast. I hope and pray she is in her healthy body right now and every day as well as my whole family.

In need of medical insurance help this December

This December, I need some medical help from my insurance since I will be having a surgery. I am hoping everything will just be fine and I will recover at least within a week as I have a five year old kid and a 3 month old baby. No one will help me and my family here so I will do my best to get back with my health again. I hope my surgery will be successful and also my insurance will cover most of the cost as my family doesn’t have any savings at all.