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Wanna have a quick weight loss

When I was pregnant with my youngest baby, I was around 170lbs. I was so huge with my 5’2” height. After I gave birth I trimmed down to 140lbs. After that, I told myself that I need to trim down to at least 120lbs while breastfeeding my baby. After breast, I said that I will trim down my weight until I would reach 75lbs (feeling aspiring model – nyahaha). Anyway, it’s just a joke when I’ll say 75lbs. The truth is that I want to have a quick weight loss of at least 100-90lbs. As of the present I am at my 120lbs from my supposedly 115lbs. I guess I’ll have to make this as my career this year! Yayyy!

Thankful for fast recovery

From Monday January 13th until January 17th was kind of ordeal for the health. Thank goodness everything went well. I am so thankful to God for healing my kids and I, especially my 2 year old baby girl. God is good all the time that despite of what was going on, she’s recovering fast. I hope and pray she is in her healthy body right now and every day as well as my whole family.

In need of medical insurance help this December

This December, I need some medical help from my insurance since I will be having a surgery. I am hoping everything will just be fine and I will recover at least within a week as I have a five year old kid and a 3 month old baby. No one will help me and my family here so I will do my best to get back with my health again. I hope my surgery will be successful and also my insurance will cover most of the cost as my family doesn’t have any savings at all.