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Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)

Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)
One good way in storing all your memory cards
Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW
WITH: 22 slots (8 pages)with semi-transparent frosted bag
*18 slots for SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, SONY memory sticks Pro Dou/Mini SD or MicroSD (in Adapter)
*4 slots for CF cards/SmartMedia/MicroDrive or Ninetendo DS Games
COLOR: pretty purple
Size: approximately 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

Water Repellent/Anti-static inner material
This will keep your CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD safe from dust and dirt.
Easy to carry.
Easy to store.
By using this wallet, you can easily find all your memory cards.
FREE USA Shipping
Good Customer Service
Thank you for your patronage! More blessings and prosperity!

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One of my collections

I have a big smile when there’s a friend of mine who has a site contest and the prize is samsung galaxy. Upon knowing it, I immediately joined. I am hopeful to win it. If not, then no choice but to buy a new galaxy phone. I just love Samsung brand of phones, electronics and all. In fact, this is one of my great collections.  And I need to have this Samsung galaxy for additional item in my collection box.

I need long HDMI cable

To have the attention of the kid for his homeschooling, I need to make different tricks. And one of the tricks that I need for him is to connect my old laptop to my living room TV with HDMI. But my wire is not enough for it. It is so short since this cable is for the Xbox console. And so with this, what I want to buy is any of the long hdmi cables! Though, I have my favorite brands of cables and wires, but then, I will just check the most affordable brand of HDMI cables so that my budget will fit and so that I can somehow save even when I will spend on this thing.

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PS3 headset – a gift for Faith

My friend’s kid named Faith will be having her birthday this July 17th. And I am thinking of buying ps3 headset over the internet and just put their address as the shipping address so that she will have it on or before her birthday. I know she will be happy with this thing since she has PS3 game. Also, before the checkout I will try to make sure that it will be gift wrapped so that it will be some sort of a little bit thrilling and surprise for her. Hope she’ll be having fun with her PS3 game with my little heartily given gift.

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