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Tired but need to go on working

I can remember that I need help with having a lower interest rate with my CC. So, the thing that I did was to visit a credit union bank and ask if they can help me have a balance transfer because I was so burdened with the credits that I had for several years. Good thing the bank officer helped me out. I thought I can pay it in a year, but whenever I earn something from my writing, I have to use it and help people out. Oh dear, it’s a cycle. When can I get out from this financial mess that I have that accumulate even more? I am so tired of this debts already. Really tired of it but anyways even if I have this thing, this will not prevent me from sharing gifts these holidays. I do believe God is with me on my life’s journey. I am just a worker, and I am dependent on God coz He is the source of all things in life.

God will send the right people the soonest

When you ask for help that if possible you can use the fifty bucks for some important matter but then you just receive a grouch answer with harsh words, you will get hurt. You will say to yourself, “Enough is enough.” And you will take your own financial needs your way without asking from anyone else. Yes, there will be friends who will share their blessings but then there will be end to that help. The truth is that you are alone in life. The only best help you ever get is from God. He will send the right people to help you heal everything especially your finances. God is good and his universe is marvelous that it is offering the best things in life. At the right time, you will be debt free and you will have the abudnance that God has promised that you will receive for your existence in this lifetime. Thanks God for it.

Financial help – Thanks God for helping me out

I am so grouchy every time I think about my financial situation and it affected my kids. I hope that I can pay off everything that I need to pay as soon as possible. Having these debts is a big thank you because I’ve been asking for it before, like to experience this thing. But then, I am so tired of it already and now I want to pay this off and I don’t want to have a credit on my own ever again. Yes, I do help my families a lot with these debts that I have for several years now but then I am the only one who’s paying for it. No family members are helping me in paying this off. My work is freelance and I don’t have anybody who is helping me paying my payables. The one that’s helping me paying this off is God who is giving me all the blessings that I can have. And I am thankful to people whom God asked that if possible they can give me work and so that I can pay my payables. I thank these people who are consistent if giving me some blessings. They are huge blessings in my life. I hope and I am doing my best to pay off my credits so that I can fully help my own family here and my family back home in cash when I have enough savings. I only give what I have and I cannot give them my debts and so God will help me in paying this off so that I can be an instrument in helping my families coz right now, my help to them is not full enough. In God I trust that everything is okay in my financial life.