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Hope to serve HIM with my daily work

I was a bit busy in life for the past weeks and days. That’s the reason why I didn’t have enough updates in my blog. But I am back right now. And hopefully it is for good that I can update my sites no matter how busy I will be. Also, I hope I don’t procrastinate as it will be homeschooling this August 14th. To God be the glory that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I hope with my work as a mother/wife/homeschooler and an online writer, I can serve Him best!

God will lead the way

I thought it would be that scary when you will have a medical career. But I think it’s not. Yes it will be scary at first but after you will get used to it, it won’t be that scary anymore. If only I did take up nursing when I was in college, probably, I am helping thousands of people already. It would be like I am one of the instruments in God in saving people’s life. But who knows someday somehow God will guide again on how to be in the medical profession without any cost coz when I was in college there was a free scholarship offer for me back then. If God wants me to be in the medical field, then he will lead me to have free studies once again. I always believe that God will lead the way.

Important things to do

Right now, I am scanning the last week’s lessons of my kid. I need to submit it in a while so that his teacher can see it and can give him ratings and grades. After this, I will have to prepare lessons for tomorrow. Then, when everything will be okay, it will be the time for me to sleep. Time check:  it is already after 2AM here in my place.


Home schooling my eldest kid is one of my priorities every day. He needs to have a school like this because I still don’t know yet of his tolerance with peanut since he is allergy with it. Hopefully, after the blood testing with his allergist this year, I will know if it’s not beyond 100%. I hope and pray that he can outgrow all of his allergies to foods and other things. And going back to his homeschooling, well, he is doing better each day!