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Will let go

My server in here is so slow compared to my other web hosting. How I wish my other web hosting will offer dedicated IP addresses as I love the fast servers in there. Anyway, I might be letting go of my IP addresses soon as I don’t have enough funds to maintain it. I will just go for the shared IPs so that I can save a little.

Yes it is safe

Now that I’ve learned about using credit cards and debit cards, what I need to learn more is about ach payment. I just want to be aware of all the things when it comes to electronic payment. And since I am always using my credit cards, I am hoping that my credit score is quite okay. I know I can use my good credit history in the future. And going back in using cards, I just love it ‘coz it’s safe, reliable, and convenient.

Bad threat

These were the threats I got before. I was so pissed off with it. I even reformatted my computer right after receiving these bad trojans. Even my AV stated that there’s no further action needed but I still reformatted my machine just to make sure. ARGHHH!

Addicted to watching videos

It is so funny that my siblings are addicted of the download from YouTube videos. They even shared it with me and it was fun. Those videos that they had were worth keeping and watching. For my brother, he always saved his downloaded videos in DVDs so that he can bring it at the mountain for father to watch it since there’s no internet there. For my sister, she just saved her downloaded videos for the purpose of having a record on it so that she can watch her favorite videos from time to time. What a great thing!

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I need long HDMI cable

To have the attention of the kid for his homeschooling, I need to make different tricks. And one of the tricks that I need for him is to connect my old laptop to my living room TV with HDMI. But my wire is not enough for it. It is so short since this cable is for the Xbox console. And so with this, what I want to buy is any of the long hdmi cables! Though, I have my favorite brands of cables and wires, but then, I will just check the most affordable brand of HDMI cables so that my budget will fit and so that I can somehow save even when I will spend on this thing.

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This was the monopoly game I used to play at Mcdo. It was fun winning those small prizes in which I wasn’t able to claim. Hope next time, I will win the jackpot prizes for a change. He-he!

You’re such a blessing

When I was a new blogger several years ago, when I will receive a gift from Mr. G, I thought that it’s the fruit of my hard work for my blog and of course I deserved it. But when G will get it, my anger will burst because I thought I own that gift(s). By the time I realized that I just borrowed that certain gift(s) from Mr. G, then it’s time that I learned to be thankful for whatever good things that I will enjoy in the World Wide Web. And I will not be holding onto it coz I know everything is just borrowed! Simply, I enjoyed it and utilized it the best ways that I can! Thanks Mr. G! You’re such a blessing from God!