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Reasons of wearing hair wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

There are many reasons why people love to wear hair wigs. Before, it was not that acceptable by many but as of the present days, wearing wigs is one of the fashionable thing to do. Wigs are cute and beautiful just as similar to this black wig. Going back to the reasons of wearing wigs, one of the things that I like most is that wigs can protect the natural hair from harsh weather, from styling chemicals, and from the heat of curling or straightening iron. Another reason that I like is that wigs can give lots of savings as there is no need to visit beauty salons more often. Buying and owning wigs can give savings to a person in so many ways. Wigs just need the proper care for it to last for a long time. Mostly, wigs can save a person from bad hair days as there are wigs which are being styled already and it is ready to wear. At the end of the day, when you are done using hair wigs, all you have to do is to remove it and put it on the proper place for the next days’ use.

Do you love wearing wigs? How many wigs do you own? Do you want to buy more hair wigs for your collections? If you do, try to check huge selections of hair wigs, hair accessories, hair care, and beauty products. May you will have lots of fun shopping online today!

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Additional winter footwear collections

A person will always yearn for more things even if she already has something. In this way, she can have a “so called collections” that somehow she can use whenever she needs it or whenever she feels like using that particular thing. And I am one of the persons who longs to buy more things for myself (and for my family as well). It’s not that I am deprived of material things but I just love to have goodies that will comfort me at all times.

And this winter season, what I want to buy for myself is this crown vintage regal boot particularly this color brown Crown Vintage Sunrise Boot. I just love its design, leather made, and all. The other thing that I love is any of these discount tony lama boots. Though, there is one design that I want the most – this Tony Lama 3R Buckaroo Pink Cowgirl Boot – Wide Square Toe. I am a pink lover and that’s why l loved this one. Last but not the least I want to buy Georgia boots cheap. And this time it’s not for me but for my husband’s use. I hope he will love this footwear as much as I love my two choices!

So proud of her

I have a cousin who is a registered nurse right after she graduated from college. She’s the 2nd cousin of mine who chose to be a nurse. When she was about to enroll in college I asked her why she wanted to become a nurse and her answer was that she wanted to wear nurses uniforms ‘coz for her it’s a prestige meaning a noble profession in helping other people. But during that time she didn’t pass the entrance exam or should I say, she lacked few points in order for her to pass. When I looked at her that time, she’s kind of frustrated at the same time afraid of her mother. So what I did, I tried to talk to the examination in-charge and asked that if possible she can have the BSN course under probationary status. Besides my cousin did have nice grades during her high school years and so when the examination in-charge checked her report card, that person said a big yes to my plea. When I heard the positive answer, I called up my aunt who’s scolding my cousin of not passing the exam. I told my aunt that my cousin can enroll during that day or the following day. I also handed the enrollment form to her in which my aunt was so happy. To make a long story short, right after four years of studying BSN and few summer classes, my cousin graduated. When she took the nursing board exam, she easily passed. Right now, she’s a Registered Nurse and is working at their province. She said that she doesn’t want to go abroad because she wants to serve at the hospital in their place. I just don’t know if her mind will change since she can easily go abroad whenever she wants to since they’re well off and she can easily pay for any placement fee or any processing for her to work in other countries. At any rate, I am so proud of her. She’s one of the kid that I helped in a college enrollment and became a professional.

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