I am a full time stay at home mother and an online freelance writer. While trying to take care of my baby and home chores, I am also trying to do freelance writing whenever those kindhearted company will give me some tasks to make. But mostly, I am writing just anything on my blog if I have extra time!

Anyway, the first 230 posts that I have in here are from one of my sub domains. I’ve decided to import it here since I am not updating that particular sub domain anymore. I am using sub-domains before since I don’t have funds in buying not even one domain and I am shy in asking my husband in buying a thing for me. Though, he gave me one when I started but that’s it. Nonetheless, now that I am earning something, I’ve decided to buy domains and this is one of my domains. And I don’t want to waste my post on my sub domain so I just imported it in here. Hope I can use this blog in a productive way very soon.

So, please visit me in here more often and know something about me, my life, my family, and my blogging journey! God bless!