Bring your kids out and teach them about nature, be with others and helping others

You’ve got to teach your kiddos to be with nature. Don’t just keep them inside your house and give them computers and gadgets. Teach them to love nature and be energized. Life is not all about technology. You have to mingle with others and be with nature. Also, teach them to charities and helping others. Don’t just keep them in the four corners of your house, that’s too bad for you. (To the fathers who are just comfy of technology and always staying in the house.)

Thoughts are powerful – use it wisely

Choose your thoughts WISELY for they are ENERGY that CREATES your LIFE.

Do you believe that you are the one creating your life through your thoughts?

As for me, I do believe it now that I am old. When I was younger, I did not know that thought is powerful. I just knew it now that I am old me looking back at the wishes and dreams that I had when I was young. Everything that I was thinking came true in my life.

If I did know that thoughts are powerful, I would be thinking the most imaginable things.

But it’s never too late. I can still dream and change my thoughts. I know it will come true in my life soonest.

Everyone is perfectly made by God

There is nothing wrong with us. There’s nothing missing in us. Everything is for us, and there is nothing against us. Let us remember this together. – Michael Bernard Beckwith

And I am going to tell this to my kiddos that they are perfect the way God made them for His purpose. Because there are lots of people, who will say to them that one of them has autism. I want that my kids will grow normal without any diagnosis. They are smart like the way God made them.

New year new life

It’s a new year once again, and it means new blessings and new life. I am thankful that I am still alive in this year. I can still work. I can still serve my families. I just need to work to perform the things that God wants me to do in life while waiting for the time that He will call me once again.

Commit to living your dreams

I now commit to living my dreams one day at a time.
-Dr. Christiane Northrup

In life, everything is a choice. Whether you like it or not, you have to choose. There are two choices you need to do – to be POSITIVE or to be NEGATIVE. You have to choose the best that suits your life. If you feel that you are okay with negativity and that your life will progress with it, then, chose to be negative every day and drag people with your choice. BUT IF YOU FEEL THAT you will help yourself and others with you being the most POSITIVE person, then do it and make your life and your surroundings the most POSITIVE ONE. IT’S YOUR CHOICE! What will your choice be?

You will see God is lifting me up

Yes, I can’t make things right, but I’ll show you that God has. God is my source, and he is helping me make things better than it used to be. God is my strength, and he is the one who sent me here on earth to be a blessing to my families. I am God’s worker, and I am relying on him. He is blessing every work that I have. He is blessing all my businesses, and he is bringing the right people in my life. You will see it in the coming days that my life is better than my past. When that time comes, it will be my laughter that will fill my place, in Jesus Name with the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Tired but need to go on working

I can remember that I need help with having a lower interest rate with my CC. So, the thing that I did was to visit a credit union bank and ask if they can help me have a balance transfer because I was so burdened with the credits that I had for several years. Good thing the bank officer helped me out. I thought I can pay it in a year, but whenever I earn something from my writing, I have to use it and help people out. Oh dear, it’s a cycle. When can I get out from this financial mess that I have that accumulate even more? I am so tired of this debts already. Really tired of it but anyways even if I have this thing, this will not prevent me from sharing gifts these holidays. I do believe God is with me on my life’s journey. I am just a worker, and I am dependent on God coz He is the source of all things in life.

Last flower for his daughter – so touching

This is a very touching story of a father who died 4 years ago and still sending flowers to his daughter. This year is the 21st birthday of the daughter, and it will be the last that the girl will be receiving. Anyway, I’ve read this news at And I am so touched with the last sentences from this girl on this article as it states, “He made people happy. He made people realize that they shouldn’t…take the people they care about for granted.” Oh dear!

Low grade fever

My son had a sore throat last Monday, November 6th, 2017 and admitted to the hospital last Friday, November 10th. He was out at the 11th right after receiving IVTT and steroids. From that time he has a low-grade fever of up to 100.5F every night. He’s complaining that he still has slight pain in his throat and at the back of his ears. Also, he said that he’s dizzy while riding the car. And since Sunday, November 19th, he said that he’s having a backpain of at least 2 out of 10. I don’t know what to do Lord.

I am concerned with his fever not going away. Today, I will be calling the doctor and check if this is normal or anything.

Oh dear Jesus Christ, please heal my son fully.

Will take care of my own first

Yesterday I was grouchy the whole day, and I was tired. I fell asleep after 6pm to almost 10pm. I examined of what I was thinking, and it’s then I realized that I wasn’t running my own mind. I let all the negativity ruled me, and that’s why I was so negative. With just one thing that I didn’t like, I freaked about it. Plus thinking of all the problems I had back in my parents’ place and mixed with the problems of my relatives, I felt like I carried the world on my back. I already have my own problems, and it loaded me out. I think of the problems of my relatives, and I was so drained. Now, I am back with my own self, and I will erase all the things that I am thinking about them and focus on what I need to do with my own life together with my own family. Oh dear God!