Will take care of my own first

Yesterday I was grouchy the whole day, and I was tired. I fell asleep after 6pm to almost 10pm. I examined of what I was thinking, and it’s then I realized that I wasn’t running my own mind. I let all the negativity ruled me, and that’s why I was so negative. With just one thing that I didn’t like, I freaked about it. Plus thinking of all the problems I had back in my parents’ place and mixed with the problems of my relatives, I felt like I carried the world on my back. I already have my own problems, and it loaded me out. I think of the problems of my relatives, and I was so drained. Now, I am back with my own self, and I will erase all the things that I am thinking about them and focus on what I need to do with my own life together with my own family. Oh dear God!

Proverbs 4:23

Be careful of how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.
-Proverbs 4:23

The power of giving

I do believe that when you will give you will receive even more. I always argue about it whenever I will hear the other person who hates giving. I told him that it is good to give because he will receive more. He answered that he wouldn’t, and I am wrong. I told him, with all of the blessings that he receives, like free medical treatment, gifts from friends, good customers, and so much more, he did not receive anything. Upon hearing it, he stops saying words. Giving has its power as it will come back to the giver many gifts that he/she can think.

Got to live with it for now

Milk of magnesia smells yummy for the first time, but right now it grosses me out. I just need this thing every once in a while especially when I feel bloated from the food that I ate for several days. I hope to have a good metabolism soon as I do not want to drink this thing all the time. For now, I just have to live with it.

God will send the right people the soonest

When you ask for help that if possible you can use the fifty bucks for some important matter but then you just receive a grouch answer with harsh words, you will get hurt. You will say to yourself, “Enough is enough.” And you will take your own financial needs your way without asking from anyone else. Yes, there will be friends who will share their blessings but then there will be end to that help. The truth is that you are alone in life. The only best help you ever get is from God. He will send the right people to help you heal everything especially your finances. God is good and his universe is marvelous that it is offering the best things in life. At the right time, you will be debt free and you will have the abudnance that God has promised that you will receive for your existence in this lifetime. Thanks God for it.

I hope someday soon

So much question about the expenses when some of it, I replaced it with my own income. I wish someday, I am the one who will be given money to spend with the words, “Hey, receive this money and spend it the way you want to. You deserve to have a better life than the past years. Go, have a shopping or start a new biz. How about going to a vacation and so that you can spend time for your own self.” Oh dear!

Hope to serve HIM with my daily work

I was a bit busy in life for the past weeks and days. That’s the reason why I didn’t have enough updates in my blog. But I am back right now. And hopefully it is for good that I can update my sites no matter how busy I will be. Also, I hope I don’t procrastinate as it will be homeschooling this August 14th. To God be the glory that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I hope with my work as a mother/wife/homeschooler and an online writer, I can serve Him best!

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Still blessed and grateful

I am wondering why I gained weight even if I seldom eat food. I am doing it because I want to spare the food to my kiddos and my whole family. Hmmm, maybe my fat is due to the fact that when I will eat, I will eat A LOT in a meal. There are times also that I can eat junks the whole day just to make my tummy full. Oh well, life is still good and I am still blessed. Grateful!

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